Pioneers and Settlers

The names below were extracted from the article Settlers in Pocahontas County Before 1800, published in The Pocahontas Times on January 27, 1977. The list below is for the Hillsboro and Mill Point areas.

Pioneer Richard Hill

Richard Hill was first known to be in what is now Pocahontas County in 1786. The Greenbrier County Personal Property Tax 1787 list "B" indicates that he owned two horses. He was married by that time and probably owned land. He purchased land from William & Sarah Renick in 1792 (240 acres) and in 1799 (350 acres).

Settlers in the Hillsboro and Mill Point areas before 1800

Beard, Josiah; Brinnell, James; Burgess, Nathan; Burgess, John, Jr.; Burnsides, John; Burnsides, James; Cackley, Valentine; Callison, James; Clendennin, William; Clendenning, Charles; Cochran, John; Cochran, Thomas; Day, David; Day, John; Day, Nathaniel; David, Thomas; Davis, John; Dick, John; Edmiston, William; Evans, Griffith; Gilliland, Samuel; Gillion, Nathan; Hannah, David, Sr.; Harper, Henry; Hill, John; Hill, Richard; Hughes, Ellis; James, David; Jordan, John; Kinnison, Charles; Kinnison, David; Kinnison, Edward; Kinnison, Jacob; Lewis, James; Mayse, William; McGennis, John; McNeil, Jonathan; Talor, Oldham; Pennell, John; Poage, John; Poage, William; Salisbury, William; Scott, Thomas; Seybert, Jacob; Switzer, John; Waddell, Alexander; Waddell, William