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44) Apr 12, 2024 from James Tavernier:
I visited in July 2021 from the United Kingdom to see the birthplace and childhood home of my grandfather following his passing. It was a moving experience and my first time being anywhere close to this far away from home, during a 5-day holiday to the USA via Washington. Seeing houses made of wood here throughout the journey to Hillsboro and their distinct American design was memorable. Truly another world. While I was discrete in my visit to such a small village, I had a chat with a local at the petrol station 'Marathon' who I shared my story with. He was very warm and welcoming. I'd visited this useful website but hadn't noticed the guest book. Perhaps, I'll see you again one day, Hillsboro. Sending best wishes to the community from across the pond. J

43) Mar 13, 2024 from Angel Hill:
I visited this area with my siblings as a child and recently flew in from Florida for a family funeral of Betty Lee Pitt. We stayed at The Beard House. Love this little town and hold it near to my heart.

42) Dec 5, 2021 from Mike and Maribeth Campbell:
We are moving to Hillsboro from San Pedro, Ca. in the spring of 2023 or 24. We'll be retiring there. I'm a machinist at an aerospace company here in southern Calif. My wife, who by the way will most likely be the first filipino American to live in Pocohantas County, is a great wife of 32 year's . We hope the community will welcome us into their community. We cannot wait to get away from this terrible rat race here, lol . She is shy but wow what a great cook of filipino cuisine. If you've never had filipino cuisine, your in for a delightful experience. I'm also a former business owner of a cybercafe here in San Pedro. San Pedro is also the home of the USS.Iowa battleship. Thank you and happy holidays .

41) Feb 11, 2021 from William S Hill:
Richard Hill was my Great Great Great Grandfather. I attended the Hill Reunion once back in the late 50's with my mother and father William R Hill. My father was born in Renick, WVa. My grandfather William B Hill was born in Lobelia, WVa. He was a well known Bear hunter back in the day. I have been through Hillsboro and also visited the Hills Creek too. I would like to bring my sons one day to visit the area and pay my respects to my ancestors. Regards, William S Hill

40) Sep 12, 2020 from Mollie Reed:
I went to first grade in Hillsboro and after living in Ohio most of my life, went back to eighth grade in Hillsboro. My maiden name was Hagan. I went by my nickname, Jake. I was a tomboy. My 8th grade year would have been around 1972. My favorite teacher was Mr. Buzzard. Looking back the school years I spent in W.V. were the best. My Mother went to Hillsboro in her day. Her name was Anna Mae Pringle. My Grandmother was Ena Pringle. We had annual family reunions at Droop Mt. I would love to go back and visit sometime, especially if I could run into some old friends.

39) Sep 7, 2020 from MH:
Hello! My grandmother was Nellie Rowena Hill, and she was born and grew up here in Hillsboro. She was the daughter of Clinton Hill and Lucy Hefner, and graduated high school around 1950. If anybody is able to find any high school photos of her please let me know! I've been very interested in my family history lately, so in addition, if there are any photos and such please let me know asap! Have a good day/night!

38) Oct 11, 2018 from Steven Gray:
I remember my first road trip as a kid either in the late 1960s or early 1970s. We went to Hillsboro West Virginia. We visited Johnny Hill and his family. It was so cool to see all the mountains and twisty roads. Johnny is related to my Grandmother some how. I dont know exactly how. Here name was Gretta Mcmillion. Gretta Gray after marriage. My Dad was Neil Gray. There all gone now so I cant ask them anything. If someone knew these folks I would love to hear about what you could tell me. Thanks Steven Gray Red Lion Pa

37) Jan 23, 2017 from Donna Vaughn:
We just recently found a link using Y-DNA to Richard Hill and Nancy McNeel, and their son, Abraham Hill and Sarah Sally Burr. I have looked for years to find the family link from Cyrus Smith to his parents. Come to find out, he was a Hill and not a Smith. I do believe there is also a Smith link to Asbury Smith but, as yet unproven. I have links to Sydenstricker, Rider and many other families who helped settle the Little Levels area. I am looking forward to finding a few Hill and McNeel and Burr cousins. We hope to attend the next Heritage Festival in June, 2017.

36) Oct 16, 2016 from Laura Zimmermann:
I am a descendant of one of the early settlers of Hillsboro, Alexander Waddell, and came to visit earlier this summer. What a little piece of heaven. I hope to visit again soon. Would love to learn where his land was, as I believe it was in this area. Are there Waddells in this area today?

35) May 26, 2016 from Guy Kinnison:
I'm from the Kinnison clan that is from Missouri. Been to Hillsboro twice and plan on coming out again in June. I just love that place and it will always be special to me

34) Sep 24, 2015 from Bob Johnson:
I love Hillsboro and the countryside going north through Mill Point - I grew up near there and went to elementary school in the old Hillsboro High School in the mid-late 1970s before it was torn down. Many good memories of the most beautiful area of the state!

33) Oct 2, 2014 from Lori Davis:
Hello! My grandmother was Margaret McNeel Davis. Her father was William Lloyd McNeel and her grandparents, William Lamb McNeel and Margaret Jane Beard. I have some work done on my family history and am interested in learning more about this line. I know that two siblings married into the same grandmother marrying my grandfather, Nathan Davis, and his sister marrying my grandmother's brother. My grandparents are both buried in Afton, Wyoming. I hope to visit this area in the future. If anyone has photos or other information, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!

32) Aug 2, 2014 from Carol Kinnison Johnson:
My parents were Arnett Dale Kinnison and Anna Marie Anderson Kinnison. My grandmother was Nettie Kinnison on father's side and my grandmother on my mother's side was Virginia Anderson. Lived in West Virginia a few times growing up. I would love to come visit soon.

31) Apr 16, 2014 from Brian Powell Sr.:
I like Hillsboro's country setting.

30) Feb 16, 2014 from Kenneth D. Hill:
I am the son of Zella and Mason Hill of Richwood, WV. I lived there from 1951 - 1969 and have attended meany Hill Family reunions on Droop Mountain. I love the area but the military took me away for 20 years. I come back to the area sometimes and look forward to seeing it again.

29) Dec 1, 2013 from John Nield:
My great grand father William Lloyd McNeel was born 1859 in Hillsboro to William Lamb McNeel and Margaret Jane Beard . Wm, Lloyd ranched. raised a large family and died in Wyoming. I am looking forward to visiting WVa. someday. john,

28) Oct 3, 2013 from Paul R. Jacobs:
Nice web site! I have been to the area a few times and maybe I will retire to the Hillsboro region one day.

27) Sep 16, 2013 from Mark Gum:
My grandfather was Clark Gum. His wife was Ester, and my father was Henry Gum. He is buried there at Uncle Roy's house I hear. I have not been there since I was a little boy. I would like to come down with my son Steven and my daughter Heidi to show them where they came from. Remember hunting on Tom Yagar's farm. I still have an Indian arrow head that I found there.

26) Jul 7, 2013 from Kim Clouse Seward:
We have recently returned from the "Hill Family Reunion" held in Cass. It has been many years since we have had one so this was a great event! And is now planned to be a yearly event. The next reunion will be the 3rd wknd of June 2014. Please plan on coming!! If there's any interest please fell free to contact me at Or you can always find me on Facebook, there is also a "family" page where we have been able to make contact with many family members!! My grandmother was Mary Regina Hill.

25) Sep 8, 2012 from Harriet Ervin Wharton:
I'm the grand daughter of James Baxter Ervin. My Dad, Walter Ervin took me and my sons to a Hill Family reunion in 1986. I believe Johnny and Madeline Hill were my Dad's cousins. Dad use ot visit them often. I came to Hillsboro many times as a kid to visit my gandpa. I plan to visit Hillsboro in the next year. I'm retiring.

24) Aug 30, 2012 from Bill Harris:
Haven't been there yet but coming down to Beartown S.P. Main interest is photography.

23) Jul 29, 2012 from Larry Stump:
My wife and I visited the area in July 2012 timeframe. We may have a retirement interest in the location. Thanks for the 'welcome'.

22) Apr 13, 2012 from Steve Shumate:
Found some old papers describing the death of my grandfather, Walter Ransom Shumate. Have letters fron the Methodist Episcopal Church, South ( Rev. W.D. Eye, Pastor) and the Masonic Lodge #121 A.F. & A.M. Both referred to his good works within the church and lodge. He died on Dec. 17, 1917 and I'm wondering if he is buried in Hillsboro. My email is if you can add any information.

21) Mar 10, 2012 from Dawn Barcroft:
My Grandparent were Tom Barcroft married to Mable Kinnison, her parents were "winny" Kinnison and Rachel Hill. My father, Donald his sisters Syvla, Dorthy,and Lynda, their homestead was up on top of the mountain. Dorthy married Jordon Simmons, she was the only one that stayed in the area and raised their children there at Droop. I love looking up the history of the area, and have great childhood memories there! if anyone has any info they can share please email me at Thank You!!! Dawn

20) Jan 29, 2012 from Andrew Hill:
It's very interesting to see the names, and comments of some of the people in this guest book. I figure I'm related to a few, though we've never met. I know my dad went to some of the Hill family reunions, but I never did because we moved to Utah when I was a kid. It's been years since I've been there, but it is a beautiful place. It's also interesting to see generations of my family in the cemetery, especially since none are buried in Utah. Thanks for putting up this site.

19) Jan 8, 2012 from Tom Hills:
Very nice web site. Planning on moving to WV soon. Been considering Summersville or Webster Springs. Better visit your charming town before we decide. Looking for the right place to start a couple of small businesses.

18) Jan 7, 2012 from Ron Murphy:
I have been wanting to visit your area for years and hope to check it out in the Spring on a way South.

17) Dec 11, 2011 from Krista Callison Clark:
I am the 5th great granddaughter of James and Elizabeth Callison, whose 1765 log cabin still exists out on Callison Rd. I passed through Hillsboro ever so briefly this past Oct. while vacationing in VA and hope to return next year with my family for the Heritage Fair.

16) Aug 1, 2011 from Joyce DeToni-Hill:
Hello from Coiorado. Thank you very much for the detailed information on the McNeil and Hill Families. My Grandma, Zella Hill took us grandkids to the Hill reunion as a kid in the 60's. I hope to make it back some day.

15) Jun 14, 2011 from Michelle Gum:
My family is from Hillsboro, and it is a lovely place!!!! I plan on visiting real soon!!!

14) Jul 21, 2010 from Charles M. Crank:
My wife and I spent a few days at Watoga State Park and did some driving around and we came across Hillsboro. Beautiful town!!! So beautiful, we rented a house there and are looking forward to spending our Summers & part of Fall in Hillsboro. We will be renting all year around though. We need a place where we can just sit and watch the traffic go by and maybe do some fishing, boating and reading.

13) Jul 12, 2010 from Shannon Cochran:
My Grandfather's father, Lincoln Cochran, was once the Sheriff of Pocohontas County. Sadly, he died of an automobile accident. He resided in Hillsboro, where my granfather now resides, on the same property.

12) Jun 6, 2010 from Brian Hill:
Wow, I feel like making a pilgrimage to my roots! My dad was Randall C. Hill. His mom was Fredda and her parents were Fred & Nellie Hill. We're also kin to the Kinnisons, McNeil (Mcneel, macNeil, etc...), Walkers and a bunch other names from the area. My mom, Barbara (Marshall) Hill was from Virginia and did a lot of geneology for us before she passed away. She said one of our ancestors was named John McNeil and according to family lore, married a Native American named Nasippa (or some such spelling). She said she was Chickasaw. Anyone know if this may be the case? Maybe it was a McNeil from her side of the tree. I'm not sure. Anyway, I plan to come up the mountain and kick around some day. Great site! Keep adding to it, especially more history! With respect, Brian Randall Hill

11) Jun 1, 2010 from Kate Maynard:
I am a descendant of Samuel Gilliland, who settled in the Little Levels before 1800. I was very pleased to find your web site and look forward to visiting the area soon.

10) Mar 20, 2010 from Ruth Wolfe:
My grandparents, Homer P. & Annie (Young) Hill moved to York, Co PA from Pocahontas Co. WV. My parents took us to the old homestead when I was a child. I hope to go back someday and visit the area. If the Hill Reunion still exists, I would love to visit with distant relatives. The website is quite interesting. Thank you.

9) Mar 9, 2010 from Angelina Cavaletto:
I would love to visit the place of a number of my ancestors. Kennison, McNeel, Day, Hughes, Hannah, and huge number of others in which I could call Hillsboro and Pocahontas County home.

8) Mar 9, 2010 from Deitra Totten Mixer:
I am SO encouraged by this website!! Thanks to all the folks making it possible! I have been glued to the history section, and would love to see even more! Thanks again!

7) Jan 15, 2010 from MM McLaughlin:
Watch for the opening of The Briar Patch and Estate Antiques in the summer of 2010. Until then, stop in to see Andrew Must, Caleb Diller, Harley Squires, David Kershner, and Clay Condon ~ all part of the renovation crew over the past year.

6) Jan 12, 2010 from Amy Workman Walker:
My Hometown!!! Grew up in this small quaint town. While attending WVU I realized how awesome Hillsboro (Pocahontas Co) really was. A place where people come to vacation and retire and I was blessed to grow up here. Our weekends and summers were not running to the mall instead it was camping in the Cranberry Glades, conoeing or biking along the Greenbrier river or visiting a park or battle field. Most of my famiy is still in Hillsboro or Pocahontas. We are a military family and have lived many places but there is no place like home. We plan to move back and retire. What a wonderful place.

5) Dec 20, 2009 from Penny Kinnison:
My 4th great grand parents are Charles Kinnison and Martha Day. Would love to see where they came from. Penny (Kinnison) Weideman

4) Nov 12, 2009 from Miguel Gonzalez:
Hi, I visited Hillsboro and it was a wonderful town full of great Americana and great people. I was pleasantly surprised of the warm welcome I received from the towns people, and I'm considering opening a Mexican restaurant there.

3) Aug 17, 2009 from Mark Millington:
Hope to be visiting Hillsboro mid 2010 to volunteer for my hero Hunter 'Patch' Adams. I'm an Aussie who lives in the capital city of South Australia, Adelaide. I just need to save a little more & get a little more organized before starting out on my big trip. Looking forward to meeting you all soon...until then, Peace on Earth.

2) Aug 8, 2009 from Dr. Patricia Mace-Leonard:
Hi, I plan to visit in August, '09 the hometown of my ancestor, John Hill, and my grandmother, Flossie Hill Mace. As a child, during the 1950's, I attended the Hill Reunion with my father, Andrew Harold Mace, and Grandparents - I think the location was on Droop Mountain. I am also related to the McNeil Family from the area. Also, I hope to visit the birthplace of Pearl S. Buck - I am a College Professor and teach English and Social Studies Classes. My husband and I look forward to be in your area soon. Dr. P. Mace-Leonard

1) Jul 28, 2009 from Beverley McNeil Grow Benner:
Hillsboro is the most beautiful place I've ever seen. I look forward to visiting this summer and spending time researching the McNeil family.